The letters are C, B, D, G, K, N, P, T, and W

  • C: caramel, scholar, lacquer, sorcery, vehicle, avarice, shellac
  • B: believe, obvious, library, eyeball, visible, lullaby, disturb
  • D: dismiss, odyssey, elderly, humdrum, residue, already, emerald
  • G: giraffe, agitate, regular, forgive, amongst, sausage, backlog
  • K: keyhole, sketchy, awkward, hickory, whiskey, mistake, mollusk
  • N: nervous, unusual, mineral, illness, journey, inferno, horizon
  • P: playful, apparel, improve, helpful, example, perhaps, overlap
  • T: trivial, stylish, extreme, feather, visitor, reality, assault
  • W: warrior, swallow, jewelry, haywire, faraway, shadowy, rainbow