Quintin's QuandaryEdit

This is a unique coin-based game and one of creator Cliff Johnson's "because the answer is simple, yet appears quite the opposite".[1]

The instructions state:

  • Each Coin has Two Sides
  • Click Two Coins to Reveal their Opposite Sides
  • The Goal is to Remove all the Coins
  • The Correct Strategy has 100% Accuracy
  • Locate Two matching Face-Up Coins
  • The Click these Two Coins and they Flip
  • Now Click the Two Coins that Reveal that Same Match again
  • If you Succeed, those Coin Faces Vanish. If not, you may Gain another Coin

Quintin's Quandary

Simple HintsEdit

When clicking two matched coins, a specific sound is made. The "correct" two coins must then be clicked to have the coin count reduce.

The online help says: Re-read the story and look for clues.

More HintsEdit

"Bewitched coins?" the fool looked up, and then, left or right. "Yes, I see the madness to the method."


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