Patchwork puzzles are The Fool and His Money's version of scrambled picture puzzle.

A confused picture will be shown. Any two tiles anywhere on the board can be exchanged by clicking on them. You can also click and drag to mark out an area to move, which will move with a single click. Form the correct picture to complete the puzzle.

From time to time, a sound effect will play and pirates will attack the puzzle. Skull-and-crossbones icons will appear one by one on various tiles. Whenever a green skull appears, you must click on it before it expands to cover the tile. Clicking on a skull will turn it purple and make it start shrinking, which neutralises it. If the skull expands all the way, the skull will turn red. When the attack is over, all tiles with red skulls will be randomly swapped with other tiles, ruining the puzzle.

Skulls only ever appear on correctly placed tiles. The frequency of pirate attacks is affected by the number of tiles that are correctly positioned. You can avoid pirate attacks by building the puzzle at an offset location - for example, with everything shifted one tile to the right. You can complete the puzzle with no attacks, or using attacks you do get as hints, until you have the entire puzzle finished, then shift it back to the left.

When the picture is correct, you must survive one more pirate attack before the puzzle is complete.