The goal is to select the ornaments in the correct order to build a phrase. Clicking an ornament adds 2-3 letters to either the front or back of the phrase.

The actions for each of the 13 ornaments, in order, are as follows (where "---" represents the partial text of the phrase that has already been built):

 1. OVE --- 
 2. --- CKW 
 3. --- CLO 
 4. ZAT --- 
 5. ALI --- 
 6. MME --- 
 7. --- NME 
 8. RCO --- 
 9. --- ISE 
10. IO  --- 
11. RCI --- 
12. --- ERS 
13. --- AND

To solve the puzzle, you first need to figure out what the final phrase is by examining the possibilities in the available letters. When you have determined what the statement should be, start in the middle of the phrase and alternate adding text to the front and back, building it out from the center.

Note: I am unsure as to whether ornament actions are randomized per individual game. The above is the order from my game. If yours is different, simply write the actions down in order, as above, as they appear in your game.

Nisbett Spoilers