Lawley's Literals[edit | edit source]

The objective is to create a sentence for each of the five hunters on the hill. You are provided with a set of letters which you can click on in any order. As you click the letters, you fill slots in a fixed pattern which is used to build the sentence.

The letter sets and patterns are shown below. The patterns are represented as numbers indicating the position in sequence in which the letter was clicked. For example, 3445 would mean the third clicked letter, followed by the fourth clicked letter twice, and then the fifth clicked letter.

  1. A C D E F H I M N O P R S T. Pattern: 123 456371377 15897(10)(11)5(12)3(13) 26(12) 691(11) 8 (14)85(13)?
  2. A B C D E F H K L O P R S T U. Pattern: 123 345 6778 95685(10)35(14) 345 (11)(13)588 1(13)(10)(14) (13)3 45(15).
  3. A E F H I K L M N O P R S T U. Pattern: 12 3245 512 6789522(10) 592(11)(12)892(12) 679 1(13)(14)(12)2(15)6?
  4. A B C D E F H K M N O S T W. Pattern: 123 245 67 8499123(10) (11)67 (12)44(13) 4(14) (11)64(11)6?
  5. A B C D E H I L M N O P S T W. Pattern: 123 456278195(10)73 (11)(12)23(12)(10) 715 (13)(14)(10)(15)..

Lawley's Spoilers

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