Auction Puzzles are puzzles where the Fool must make a certain amount of money by selling letters to customers.  Each customer has a number of letters that they already own, and wish to buy the letter or letters from the Fool to complete a word.  Letters are auctioned, so in order to maximise the amount of money the Fool makes it is necessary to sell the letters at a point when large numbers of remaining customers are interested in them.  To complete the puzzle it's necessary to identify which letters can fit into which words, and observe the behaviour of each of the customers.

When customers want multiple words, as in most of the puzzles, each group of words has a common theme or pattern.  Identifying the pattern will aid in solving the puzzle, and the text for the puzzle provides a clue. The puzzle text may also provide a clue to the sequence of sales.

Letters must be sold in a specific sequence to complete the puzzle. If the sequence is incorrect, the customers will buy the wrong letters. It's possible to sell all the letters and not make enough money. The last letter of the sequence will only have one buyer, all the others having been satisfied, so if you have several letters left and only one buyer appears for a letter, there's a mistake in the sequence.

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